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Crossing the River

Client Testimonials

Happy Clients


  ~Natalie has a heart for God and others and is an excellent listener. 

~She helped get to the root of my anxiety and feelings, bringing me clarity and peace. 

~Natalie walked me through all my scrambled-up thoughts and got me to a place of organization; taking a lot of the pressure off of myself and helping me to transition to different seasons in life. 

~Natalie's coaching makes me feel heard, loved, and understood!

~Natalie is a fantastic, certified life coach.  She truly listens to me explain where I am at currently and where I want to go. 

~Natalie asks thought-provoking and forward moving questions to help me consider things I am feeling now and things I haven’t taken into account yet. 

~Coach Natalie has a kind and calming spirit about her.  I always feel accepted, heard, and known in session. 

~She lets me go at my pace and holds the space I need, even when the space I need is silence.  I highly recommend Natalie as your coach! 

~Natalie is a very powerful Life Coach in that she provides intuitive guidance to help you process and get to the main issue to resolve your challenges! Each experience with her was Holy Spirit led.

~I will be forever grateful for Natalie’s gentle guidance through this season of my life.

~I felt complete trust and felt safe to discuss my topics with her.

~Her light definitely shined through to me and many of my issues I was dealing with was revealed and resolution was found!

~I would highly recommend Natalie as your Life Coach!

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